2019 Tuition Announcement

St. Joe’s Tuition and Fair Share for 2019-2020


January 10, 2019

Hello St. Joe’s School parents,

As we begin the new year, we are putting our budget in place for the upcoming school year.  Here are the rates and fees:

  • Tuition will remain the same for the 2019-2020 school year; $4950
  • *Registration fee: $150/student, max of $300/family (same rate)
  • Fair Share will increase from $550 per family to $700 per family
  • Technology Fee:
    • $85 for students grades 5-8 ~ $10 increase
    • $60 for students in grades K-4 ~ $10 increase
  • Activity Fees:
    • We are planning a 3-5% increase in those rates
  • Saints, Inc.
    • We plan to keep rates the same
  • Summer Programming
    • We plan to keep rates the same

The biggest adjustment is Fair Share balance.  We do rely on each family reaching or exceeding their Fair Share balance each year.  Your assistance in these efforts greatly impact the school and keep tuition costs down.  You may write a check for your Fair Share balance at any time if you do not want to partake in our fundraising efforts.

  • A reminder that we have switched to continuous enrollment. Your currently enrolled child(ren) are automatically enrolled for next year.  Please inform us by January 25th if you have any questions or concerns about 2019 enrollment.  The registration fee transaction will take place on Feb. 1st through TADS.
  • If you have an incoming Kindergartner, you will need to complete the Enrollment process through TADS to enroll your child.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement at St. Joseph Catholic STEM School.  You are appreciated.



Bruce Richards


P.S. Did you know that the cost for childcare at local care centers is between 70% and 85% of St. Joseph School tuition?  Tell your friends and neighbors that our tuition is within reach for all families.  We are committed to help all families find a tuition number that works.


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