2021 Tuition Announcement: Auto-Enrollment

Dear St. Joseph School Families,

Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year.  It may seem early, but we are already beginning to plan for next school year.  We are continuing to use “Continuous Enrollment” as we prepare for the next school year.  This process has been put in place for the past two school years and it means that you do not have to complete the enrollment process each year unless you have a new child entering the school. This is a huge time-saver for you each year and it helps us be more efficient and more fiscally responsive. All current non-graduating students will be auto-enrolled for the 2021-22 school year. No action is needed at this time, unless your child will not be returning next school year, in which case, please notify the school in writing by January 25th.

Registration Fee: An annual non-refundable registration fee will be charged to your TADS account, on or around February 1st for students who are enrolled at St. Joseph School. The registration fee will remain $150 per student ($300 max per family)

The school board unanimously agreed to keep tuition flat for the 2021-2022 School year.  We recognize the impact of the continued uncertainty of the pandemic and we all feel strongly that this is a good year to keep tuition rates level.

Financial Aid must be applied for each and every year.  If you have received financial aid in previous years, it is important that you continue to apply for aid in subsequent years.

Once the registration fee is charged and paid through TADS, a place will be reserved for each student.  However, acceptance of the registration fee does not guarantee admission for the following year.  Continued admission will be based on the family’s good standing in meeting financial obligations to the school as well as meeting compulsory attendance obligations as defined in our School Handbook (available at https://school.stjosephwaconia.org/handbooks-forms/).

If you have any questions regarding the enrollment process, please review the FAQ’s included below or contact the school office at 952-442-4500.

To all who walk through our doors, we pray that our work together leads all of us to heaven.  One day and one step at a time.  We journey together using the genius of Catholicism as our road map. Thank you for believing!


Bruce Richards


Enrollment FAQ’s

When do I pay my registration fee?

Your registration fee will be charged automatically to your TADS account on or around February 1st each school year.

How much is the registration fee?

$150 per student ($300 Max per family). If you have 3+ students, your registration fee is a flat $300.

Can I change my tuition payment plan?

Yes. Tuition payment plans can be changed PRIOR to the first payment of that school year. To change your tuition payment plan, contact TADS at (612) 548-3320.

Do I need to sign into TADS to complete re-enrollment for each year my child attends St. Joseph School?

No. Students will “Auto-Enroll” each year.

Will I be able to view my tuition agreement each year?

Yes. To view your tuition agreement and payment plans, login to your TADS account.

If I update my contact information in TADS will the school be notified?

Yes. Our Educate Parent Portal system automatically updates when contact information changes in TADS. Both TADS and Educate sync together.

If my child is not returning for the next school year, what should I do?

Contact the school immediately or before January 25th so as not to be charged the non-refundable registration fee in February.

What is the biggest change for me (as a parent) with this process called “Continuous Enrollment?”

Parents will no longer need to login to TADS to complete the re-enrollment process or sign a tuition agreement each year. Everything will carry forward to the 2021-2022 school year.

If tuition changes when will I be notified?

Tuition will be communicated for each school year on or around January 10th. Tuition is posted on our school website at school.stjosephwaconia.org. The weekly school newsletter is also a great source of information and updates.

How should I apply for financial aid or scholarships?

All applications must be completed through TADS. Once the application is completed, it may take several weeks through the audit process. Parents are responsible for communicating directly with TADS during this process to provide any documentation. Once completed, parents will be notified by St. Joseph School. We encourage all families to apply for the AIM Higher Scholarship by checking the “AIM Higher” box during the financial aid process. These scholarships help fund the awards granted by St. Joseph School. To learn more about these scholarships, visit our website – https://school.stjosephwaconia.org/.


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