5/6 Grade Trip to Eagle Bluff

Eagle Bluff Payment Form

Dates: Monday, September 25 through Wednesday, September 27 (arriving back to school around 2:50 even though the rest of the school has an early dismissal) 

Payment: $225 for students and $150 for chaperones, paid to the school office 

More details will be shared at Curriculum Night on Tuesday, September 5.  If you have questions that come to mind before then, please feel free to contact Miss Matlon at jmatlon@stjosephwaconia.org.  You may also visit www.eaglebluffmn.org, go to the “Our Programs” and then “For schools & groups” drop-downs, and choose “Overnight & day trips (Outdoor School)” tab to find out more if you’re curious. 

Parent/Student Planning Page

Medical Form Required by Eagle Bluff


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