School Board

As the official, operational authority of St. Joseph Catholic STEM School, the School Board provides leadership to support the advancement of our mission and strategic growth of the school. Board members bring expertise in the areas of financial management, advancement, marketing, non-profit development, facilities, STEM, and strategic planning.

The School Board makes operational decisions, plans, sets the budget, has financial oversight, and is responsible for the evaluation of the school Principal. Through their strategic leadership, the St. Joseph School Board ensures the resources and operational policies for the success of our school community. We are immensely grateful for their generous support as we continue to grow St. Joseph Catholic STEM School.

Current Members

Fr. Stan Mader
Deacon Jim Baus
Kerry Stukenborg
Jeff Kaczrowski
Mark McMullen
Jill Flood
Tom Battis
Danielle Hedlof
Peg Philp


Advancement committee
Enrollment committee
Finance committee
Facilities committee


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