Lenten Journey

This year, our school community invites your entire family to join us on our Lenten journey to the foot of the Cross.

On Ash Wednesday, your family will receive a “passport” filled with tasks and challenges that are based on the 3 pillars of our faith during Lent: Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. The goal is to earn a “footstep” to the Cross each week by completing one square on the passport as a family. The more tasks/squares you complete, the more “footsteps” you earn on our journey to the Cross. Some tasks will earn more “footsteps” than others.

Directions for the family:

  1. Each week, families are asked to complete one of the squares on each page during Lent.
  2. When the task is completed, all family members should initial the square. The goal is to complete one task each week.
  3. Every Monday morning, from 7:30 – 7:55 am, students should bring in their passport to school to get an official passport stamp by one of our “custom officers” who will be located near our main entrances. They will get a stamp for each task the family completes.

Celebrate and share the journey! Take pictures and email them to Emily at schooloffice@stjosephwaconia.org for our newsletter. Don’t forget to share your family’s Lenten Journey on social media too!

The classroom that completes the most “footsteps” will win a surprise! If we have 90% participation by every family, the whole school will earn an Easter Carnival the week of Easter!

Let’s support each other through this most holy season of reflection, prayer, penance and transformation. If you have any questions, please contact us.


St. Joseph Spirituality Committee
Kerry Stukenborg, Lynn Specken, Austin Hagen, Karen Bonick, Quentin Garlets

Click here to download/view the Lenten Passport