Social Skills Camp

July 16 – 20th

9:00 am – 2:00 pm

This camp, brought to you by Bright Kids Bright Futures, is a social skills training camp designed to help kids, in grades K-5, learn and practice skills needed to foster the development of meaningful relationships and successfully navigate our social world. You child will learn to:
• Identify feelings in others
• Read non-verbal social cues
• Identify appropriate coping strategies
• Learn how to start conversations and be part of a group
• Learn about the hidden rules in social situations
• Sequence situations and infer what will come next
• Figure out what to talk about with friends
• Monitor when others are using appropriate social behaviors
• Stay on topic when having conversations
• Watch social situations unfold and see how behavior can have negative or positive consequences

Director: Amy Zitur & Jennifer Gallagher from Bright Kids Bright Futures

Cost: $199; payment is due on or before 6/30/18 and can be made in the form of check or money order and mailed to (include child’s full name with payment):
Bright Kids Bright Futures
1830 Spring Creek Dr.
Carver, MN 55315

Register: Register online at