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St. Joseph Saints Basketball 10K Shot Club Challenge

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The St. Joe’s Basketball 10,000 Shot Club Challenge is a chance for you to improve your shooting skills over the summer with a goal you can achieve! Those who get to 10,000 shots over the course of the summer will receive a T-shirt.  Here’s how it works:

– Tracking your shots is based on the honor system.  Please estimate the number of shots as accurately as possible.  For example, if a player shoots 10 shots per minute, that is about 200 shots per 20 minutes or 600 shots per hour.  That would be if the player is constantly shooting continuously, which is difficult to keep up for long periods.  A good estimate is about 200 shots in 30 minutes or about 400 shots in an hour.  Shots attempted at any summer basketball camps would also apply.

– Players should shoot a variety of shots.  Layups, form shooting, free throws, three-pointers, baseline & elbow jumpers.  Shoot on any hoop, in your driveway, at the park, at the gym, etc.

– Players should concentrate on using proper form when shooting.  The summer offseason is the best time to improve your mechanics.

– Please record your shots on a daily basis. The excel document automatically adds your monthly and total shots attempted.  At the end of Summer Break please return completed record sheets to receive credit for reaching the challenge.

Tips for a Successful Summer

  1. Establish a specific practice time.
  2. Write down long-range and daily goals.
  3. Work to develop the basic shooting fundamentals (B.E.E.F. – Balance, Elbow, Eyes, Follow through!).
  4. Use shots that you will take in a game.
  5. Shoot off of movement.
  6. Develop a routine that combines a variety of shots.
  7. Use fakes and drives while shooting.
  8. FOLLOW ALL SHOTS.  Never let the ball bounce twice.
  9. GO FULL SPEED – no casual shooting. (example, “HORSE” or “Lightning”).
  10. Shoot from a variety of spots.
  11. Practice shots after you are tired, don’t just quit.
  12. Incorporate free throws into your shooting.
  13. Shoot with confidence, concentration, and relaxation.
  14. You have to believe that every shot you take is going in.  Develop a shooter’s mentality.

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