St. Joseph School Begins Distance Learning

St. Joseph School staff has embraced the challenge put forth by our current reality to provide quality education in a virtual format.  The first things we did as a staff included prayer and hosting a virtual meeting so we could feel what that was like.  Throughout the first part of last week, teachers collaborated to research, evaluate and eventually implement platforms for Distance Learning.  By the end of the week, teachers had designed lessons and they practiced with one another so that they were ready to begin instruction today, Monday, March 23rd.  We ensured that every student has a device for distance learning, this includes either a laptop, a Chromebook or an iPad.  We also checked on our families wifi connectivity to ensure that all were able to virtually meet.

Our motto for ourselves, our students and our families has been to take “baby steps”, however, we need to keep in mind that baby steps are not baby steps for a baby.  There is quite a bit of falling down, standing up, and trying again.  With that in mind, we are starting slowly and initially, we are working on getting the kinks worked out over the first few days.

When we come out of this situation, I don’t expect that learning will ever be the same.

We are extremely grateful for District 110’s generous inclusion for any family to partake in their lunch program.  That was a huge relief for many of our families.

As we shift education from Saint Joseph Catholic STEM School to distance learning, we realize that this is a sudden and unexpected change in your child’s education.  We hope that these resources will provide some tips and strategies to help you in this transition.  As always, you are the primary educators of your child, and we look forward to working with you during this unique time.

Mr. Richards – Principal
St. Joseph Catholic STEM School


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