Jay Olson

Mr. Olson’s objective for teaching, whether Math or Faith, is for the students to understand the basics and then venture into the complex. In math that may mean developing habits of showing work with pencil and paper, fluency in fact tables, and demonstrating knowledge on work. Mr. Olson also likes to include the use of games in instruction, including: Suduko for sequences, Rubik’s cubes for critical thinking, stock market portfolios for developing an understanding of percents, and jigsaw puzzles for critical thinking skills. Classes are fun while expectations are high, a nice formula for success.

Mr. Olson and his wife live in Prior Lake with their lab Moose. They have three kids who are all married and out on their own! Mr. Olson and his wife enjoy traveling, going to the lake, their Faith, and visiting their kids. The visiting piece takes us to Denver , CO, Grand Forks, ND and Lindstrom, MN. The Olsons are aviation enthusiasts. They spend a fair share of their time (but never enough) at Flying Cloud Airport. Besides actual airplanes, drones are starting to invade our lives. Always a hobby store enthusiast, Mr. Olson started with model planes, cars and ships, so drones was naturally the next step.

Mr. Olson looks forward to seeing the students each day and he is often found working with them before and after school as he strives to help them understand and learn.

Position: 5th - 6th Mathematics, Faith

Phone: 952-442-4500 x211

Email: jolson@stjosephwaconia.org

Staff Category: Teachers