Summer Saints School-Age Childcare

Summer Saints School-Age Childcare Registration

St. Joseph Catholic School is pleased to offer Summer Care for school-aged children (incoming Kindergartners - Gr. 6). You do not need to be enrolled at St. Joseph School to enroll in summer care. Join us for a fun summer of faith activities, community field trips, easy access to attend St. Joseph Summer Camps, and structured enrichment that will keep your child engaged and growing in mind, body, and spirit, all summer long! We offer flexible scheduling and you will be billed weekly according to the days you choose. Additional days can be added if there is space in the program.
  • First and Last NameBirthdayWhat grade will your student(s) be in next year? 
  • Must be different from Mother or Father.
  • Name and Phone Number
  • Please list the dates
  • Examples may include: Diabetes Mental Health ADD/ADHD (diagnosed) Food Intolerances/Allergies Seizures/Neurological Asthma/Respiratory Heart/Cardiovascular Please note if your child has a life-threatening allergy that may require carrying his/her own Epi-Pen (physician's orders required).
  • Example: John Smith 6/19/2019
  • You will be charged a $75 registration upon acceptance into the program.


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