TWAS 6/29/2018

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great 4th week of summer.  It was another busy week around the school. Here is this week’s edition of TWAS (This Week at St. Joe’s).


This week, 5 of St. Joe’s faculty went to Chicago to attend the ISTE Conference.  ISTE stands for International Society for Technology in Education.  The conference was huge, there were around 20,000 participants.  We learned many things about leveraging technology to enhance and support learning.  As a group we will be compiling our new learnings and then sharing things with our colleagues as the school year draws near.  The conference registration and lodging fees were paid for by CSCOE (the Catholic School Center of Excellence) and it was a privilege to attend the conference.  CSCOE continues to support our school in fantastic ways, it would be great to send them some thank you letters from our families.  If you would like to do so, please drop the letters off in the next week or two and I will forward them to the CSCOE office.


The school office is receiving many boxes filled with curriculum for the upcoming school year.  The curriculum will be inventoried and distributed to classrooms over the next several weeks.  If you stop by the school or parish office at all, you will see the boxes of curriculum piling up.


Last Saturday was our first Middle School Connect event.  14 students and half as many parents came to the school park to watch a Saturday evening showing of the Goonies.  Fun was had by all!  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the next Middle School Connect event, coming the 3rd Saturday in July.


Bob and Don have been working hard to get our school all shiny for the upcoming school year.  The downstairs floors have been waxed and they look spectacular.  After next week, they will begin to clean and wax the upstairs floor.


Summer Saints is going strong with Mrs. Good and Mrs. Gallus.  The kids have been doing a lot of fun projects and it’s on days like this that we are very thankful for Air Conditioning!  If you are interested in summer care at St. Joe’s, you are more than welcome to sign up for care:


We said goodbye to Fr. Bennet Tran this week.  Fr. Bennet left “The Station” this morning (Friday) around 10:30 and he is heading to his new assignment in Anoka at St. Stephen’s parish.  Fr. Stan Mader will join us this weekend as our new pastor.  Please greet him and welcome him to our parish.  I am confident that you will quickly come to know and appreciate Fr. Stan.  He grew up in the area and he is very familiar with Waconia.  He’s excited about our school and looks forward to getting to know everyone.


In other staffing news, we want to wish Ms. Angie Hilgers (preschool teacher) the best of luck as she has taken on a new role.  Ms. Angie has accepted a teaching position in the Dassel-Cokato school district as a Special Ed. Early Childhood specialist.  We are thankful for the work that she has done with St. Joe’s Discovery Center and we know that she will continue to do great work at her new assignment.


That’s about it for this week.  Have a glorious weekend and a great Independence Day.  Happy Birthday America!