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  • St. Joseph is proud of it’s alumni. For over 150 years we have sent graduates out into the world to make a difference, and that is exactly what they are doing. Our graduates lead the way in academics, sports, service and professional careers.
  • As our students enter high school they earn academic honors while also excelling in music, fine arts and athletics as conference, section and state champions in track, golf and basketball and college they shine in many capacities. Our students not only achieve honors in academics, but also lead the way.
  • Many of our graduates have served and are serving our country in the armed forces.
  • In college our alumni continue to pave the way in division I, II and III athletics. They also earn degrees from state universities and private universities across the country.
  • Graduates of St. Joseph Catholic School are currently in post graduate programs at prestigious universities across the country. We have graduates in medical school and nursing programs.
  • Professionally our alumni are working as marketing directors, interior designers, financial analysts, teachers, coaches, and dentist. Many work for national companies in leadership capacities or are local business owners giving back to our community.
  • Throughout their years at St. Joseph, our students learn to serve those around us as Christ did. As adults, our alumni are still living examples of their faith through service. Many of our alumni have studied and worked abroad while others have chosen to work in missions across the world.

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