“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to
remain an artist once we grow up.”
– Pablo Picasso

St. Joseph Catholic STEM School’s art program follows the Minnesota State standards for visual arts. Students will create works of art using many techniques and materials while learning about famous artists throughout history as well as modern artists that are still creating artwork today.

  • Students will create individual and collaborative works of art by refining and organizing artistic ideas.
  • Students will develop artistic techniques, and analyze works of art, and convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.
  • Students will respond to artwork by analyzing, interpret intent and meaning, and evaluate artworks.
  • Students will connect knowledge of artwork throughout history, different cultures, and societal norms to personal experiences to deepen understanding.


St. Joe’s has a wonderful tradition of art in its history. We have an outstanding art program, art is incorporated into the lesson planning and we celebrate our children’s creativeness each year with the Arts and Academics Festival. In keeping with our strong belief in encouraging students to be creative, we will once again be posting our art projects on Artsonia ( Posting the student’s artwork not only lets us share the artwork with friends and relatives far away but also offers us a wonderful way to earn funds for the art program through customized keepsakes.

Each student has an art gallery online which is only visible to the people that their parents share it with. This allows families to go online and look at their children’s art and share it with family and friends. Every time a new art project is posted, viewers are notified via email. Family and friends can view the artwork, become fans of the artist, and send comments to the artist. Every family can go online and have their budding artist make comments on their artwork. Perhaps they would like to share their inspiration behind the art, what was difficult or easy about the project, or why they used a particular color, etc. It is a great way for the student to work on their writing and communication skills, along with providing more insight into the project they worked on.

Families and friends may also purchase items customized with a student’s artwork. There are many different items to customize and the quality of the products is very good. The items make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, grandparents’ day, mother’s/father’s day, and other holidays. They also make great gifts for everyday use too. Every child loves to see their artwork displayed and having it on a magnet, coaster, stationary, etc., is just that much better. You never have to buy anything, but remember if you do, St. Joe’s receives 20% of your total purchase!

To gain access to your child’s artwork, simply fill out a permission slip at the office. Once you have granted permission, you will receive an email from Artsonia, with further directions that will take you directly to your child’s art. If you have already filled out the permission slip, just go to and log in. Please contact the school office with any questions you may have.



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