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St. Joseph Catholic School’s annual service event is a wonderful tradition for our school. Since 1971, we have participated in the Minnesota Marathon for Nonpublic Education; however, in 2003 we changed the traditional walk/bike marathon into a raking service event called, Rake for a Reason, where our students, staff, and parents dedicate an entire day to serving others in Waconia and surrounding communities. Along with the service we provide, this is our biggest fundraising opportunity in the form of pledges for our service.

We host our raking service event every year in the fall. If you are interested in having your yard raked, please contact the school office at 952-442-4500.

You can find the Rake for a Reason FAQs, a donation request letter your child can send out, ideas for fundraising, and lists of items the food shelf needs linked below!

All Your Rake Information Here

For more information, contact Katie Moore at kmoore@stjosephwaconia.org



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