Why St. Joseph?

The core of our work is to cultivate excellence in each one of our students!

We help young people in their search for meaning and purpose, which is ultimately found in God! We are a place where your entire family can experience a higher power of learning through Faith-based teaching, 21st Century instruction, and community involvement! We provide students many extra-curricular, co-curricular, and artistic activities while striving to meet the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social-emotional needs of all learners.


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What are the top 10 reasons to choose St. Joseph Catholic STEM School?

1. Our Mission

Our mission is to help your family get to Heaven! We inspire and empower all learners to become the person God intends by integrating Catholic virtues, prayers, and service with 21st Century Learning. Our tagline: Take a closer step to Heaven, and don't go alone!

2. Our Smart Lab - Recognized as a Leading C-STEM School in Archdiocese

Our STEM lab is one-of-a-kind in the state of MN and instruction is provided by a dedicated STEM Curriculum Specialist. 

3. Our Nurturing Community

We strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment that nourishes the unique strengths of each child in partnership with families.  We offer opportunities for hospitality and involvement in the community. 

4. Our Believe and Read Program

St. Joseph Catholic STEM School was selected in 2019 as a partner school for the Groves Academy Instructional Model through a grant provided by the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence. All of our K-3 learners gain additional literacy resources and our teaching staff receives personalized instruction on the literacy framework.

5. Our Small Class Sizes

Our classes have an average of 18 students which gives students quality, one-on-one interactions with their teachers!

6. Our Growing Community!

Enrollment has increased by 10% over the last two years and we project an enrollment increase for the upcoming school years!

7. Extracurricular Programs 

We offer Middle School Math League, Robotics, Theater, and athletics activities for students grades K-8 with 99% participation in at least one activity. 

8. Our "Other People" Mindset

Our teachers empower students to build positive relationships using the Positivity Project curriculum and #otherpeoplematter mindset. Learn more about the Positivity Project here!

9. We Work with All Our Families to Make Catholic Education a Reality!

We do not want cost to be the deciding factor for our families so we work to ensure your tuition is affordable, create a payment plan, and help you make Catholic education a reality! 40% of our families receive tuition aid! Learn more about our tuition rate and scholarship options here: https://school.stjosephwaconia.org/tuition/.

10. Our Assessment Results 

Our students excel! Our C-STEM programming has proven academic results: 

Spring 2022 Standardized Assessment Testing Results

St. Joseph students have outperformed other area schools in standardized assessment testing. At St. Joseph, we analyze our math and reading results carefully. We are proud of their efforts and the work of our teachers and parents to support their academics.

“While this is only one measure of student success, we know the results are important for our families and staff as we continue to advance our tradition of excellence!” - Principal Bruce Richards

Cumulative Grades K-8 - % exceeding the national average 86% 83% 85% 87%
8th Grade Graduates % exceeding the national average 100% 94% 94% 94%

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