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Grades K - 8 Transfer Period is Rolling - Apply Anytime!

2023-2024 Kindergarten Early Enrollment Deadline: December 1 - January 31

Every new kindergarten student fully enrolled at St. Joseph Catholic STEM School by January 31st, 2023, will receive a $150 tuition discount (receivable after the first day of the new school year). Applications for kindergarten will still be accepted after January 31st.

2023-2024 Grades 1 - 8 Application Period is Rolling - Apply Anytime!


New Families - Enrollment is completed online through TADS, our online tuition management program. You will be asked to set up a family account to proceed with registration. A $150 registration fee per child ($300 max per family) will be charged to secure your spot. Once tuition rates are set, families will be asked to sign a tuition agreement with payments generally beginning in June, prior to the school year start.

Current Families - Students auto-enroll each school year until they graduate. We call this process "continuous enrollment." All students in grades K-7 will automatically be enrolled for the next school year unless a family notifies the school in writing by January 25th that they are not returning for the following school year. 

An annual $150 per student ($300 max per family) registration fee will be charged through TADS, our online tuition management program, on or around January 31st, 2023 for students who are enrolled at St. Joseph School.  Once the registration fee is charged and paid through TADS, a place will be reserved for each student.  However, acceptance of the registration fee does not guarantee admission for the following year.  Continued admission will be based on the family's good standing in meeting financial obligations to the school as well as meeting compulsory attendance obligations as defined in our School Handbook. Tuition agreements carry forward until student graduation. Changes to your tuition agreement, such as banking information, payment dates, etc., can be changed at any time during the school year by contacting TADS.

Financial Aid

St. Joseph Catholic Community has a strong commitment to providing quality Catholic education at our parish school. At the same time, we realize that not all parents are able to pay the full amount of tuition. We do not want cost to be the deciding factor for families so we work with you to ensure your tuition is affordable, create a payment plan, and help you make Catholic education a reality. Learn more about our tuition rate and scholarship options here:

St. Joseph Catholic Community has scholarship funds available to qualifying families. In order to allocate the aid in a fair and objective manner, we have enlisted the services of TADS. A properly completed scholarship application must be submitted online at  It is recommended that scholarship applications be submitted by April 1 each year so that scholarship credits can be applied to the first tuition payments due in June.

Scholarships through Aim Higher Foundation

The Aim Higher Foundation provides scholarships to children whose families are seeking tuition assistance for a K-8 Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Families MUST apply via TADS and select the Aim Higher Scholarship checkbox to be eligible.

They offer two scholarships, worth $1,000 each:

  1. The Aim Higher Scholarship
    • Awarded to students from families seeking tuition assistance. This scholarship follows students through 8th grade and to other Catholic Schools.
  2. The CSCAF/Aim Higher Scholarship
    • Awarded to five students from families with the greatest tuition assistance need per eligible school.

Scholarship Deadlines: 

Applications for the 2023-24 school year will be accepted during the following periods:

  1. November 1, 2022, through February 22, 2023
  2. May 31, 2023, through August 6, 2023

To learn more view the flier or visit the Aim Higher Foundation Website.


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