The art of music can be enjoyed in many ways.  Saint Joseph School offers a balanced program including singing, reading music, playing instruments, moving to music, listening, and performing music.  The music curriculum will be integrated with other subject areas and be used as a tool to promote self-esteem and a closer relationship with God.

The curriculum is based on the National Association for Music Educators National Standards, and the Minnesota State Standards for Music.



K-8 Program Outcomes

Rhythmic, melodic, vocal, instrumental literacy

Ability to participate in group dancing

Ability to create, perform, and respond to music in all its various forms


Textbook Publishers

(various) Folk song anthologies, folk dance books

(various) Various musical repertoire

GIA “The Book of…” (Circle Games, Vocal Exploration, many others)

Hal Leonard Hot Peas and Barley-O, other anthologies

NEDM Rise Sally Rise, Sashay the Donut, many others

Music Is Elementary Purposeful Pathways

N/A Sean Barker’s personal Folk Song Anthology

Music Curriculum Standards

St. Joseph’s utilizes the MN State Standards in Music (Arts) 2008

2008 Standards

Distilled Arts Standards


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