Our Mission

Our Mission
Our Mission is to inspire and empower all learners to become the person God intends by integrating Catholic virtues, prayers, and service with 21st Century Learning.

Our Philosophy
The community of St. Joseph Catholic STEM School believes in integrating Catholic virtues, prayers, liturgies, celebrations, and service with our Core Values of Living Faith, Embracing Family, Inspiring Learning, Celebrating Service and Achieving Excellence. Combined with 21st Century Learning strategies & philosophies, Christian behavior expectations, and state-aligned curriculum standards, we prepare our students to be lifelong learners and contributing members in their families, churches, and communities. Our students are supported on their journey to become the person God made them to be by the prayerful communication and collaboration of our pastor, our staff, our parents, our parish, our Archdiocese, and the communal Catholic church.


Core Values

Our Core Values What We Do How We Do It
Explore our Catholic Identity
Teach Gospel Values/Character Values
Encourage Respect and Responsibility
  • Spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ
  • Instill character values through Gospel teachings
  • Provide a consistent faith environment for students to experience on a daily basis
  • Formulate the basis for Christ-centered response to and responsibility for personal and group relationships
  • Instill a spirit of mutual respect by treating others in a Christ-like fashion
  • Offer the opportunities for and encourage personal reflection and prayer
  • Inspire dialog about the importance of prayerfully considering key decisions that present themselves
Create a Welcoming Environment
Instill a Sense of Community
Emphasize Family Involvement
  • Instill a welcoming spirit of genuine hospitality and warmth
  • Provide opportunities for families to gather together
  • Create an atmosphere of familiarity that provides a supportive community
  • Encouraging parents and grandparents to be involved in school activities
Develop an Appreciation of Learning
Emphasize our Core Curriculum
Encourage Learning through Discovery, Understanding, and Application
  • Create a fun and engageing learning environment
  • Advocate for positive spirit while approaching learning because it is vital to acquiring the skills leading to educational advancement
  • Recognize that each student has their own individual academic capabilities
  • Encourage students to reach their individual capabilities...in all subject areas
  • Encourage students to discover, analyze and apply knowledge
  • Instill an attitude of respect for all those in your learning environment and their individual capabilities
Reach Out to Others
Advocate for Genuine Care and Concern for Others
  • Recognize that all we have comes from God and gratefully receive those gifts, instill the responsibly use them, encourage students to charitably share them and abundantly return them to God
  • Instill our Other People Mindset: Ask what you can do for someone else
  • Involved faculty and staff that are committed to the organization and give of their time and talents
Aspire to Personal Excellence
Develop Leadership
  • Emphasize personal responsibility as vital to achieving excellence
  • Inspire efforts that lead to personal excellence
  • Recognize leadership opportunities in school, parish, community and world
  • Show that true excellence encompasses mind, body and soul
  • Encourage continual improvement to the highest curricular standards

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