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St. Joseph Catholic STEM School has adopted For His Glory (4HG) by integrating it into our athletic programs. Throughout the school year, student athletes will have the oportunity to participate in clinics and learn more about a healthy sports culture with their faith at the center.



Sports are good. Kids who play…

• …score up to 40% higher on tests

• …are 15% more likely to go to college

• …have a lower risk of obesity and better overall fitness

• …develop lifelong values and important character traits

• …create memories that will last a lifetime

4HG encourages kids to play all sports rather than focus on just one. We want kids to have fun, improve their skills, do their best, and keep competition in perspective.

Parents and coaches define the sports experience for young athletes. They are responsible for helping kids achieve the goals of having fun, getting better at athletics, realizing the good in sports, and keeping a Christian focus during practice and play.

4HG is a movement to create a healthy sports culture in our Catholic schools. The movement is supported by Matt Birk, Lou Holtz, Joe Mauer, and many others who have realized successful careers in sports.

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Additional Resources:

Letter to Parents

Student Code of Conduct

Coach code of Conduct

Learn more on the 4HG website at www.4HG.com.


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