Janice Matlon

Ms. Janice Matlon is grateful to have found St. Joseph Catholic school after spending her first four years of teaching at a Catholic school in Flint, Michigan, which emulated the close community atmosphere found here at St. Joe’s.

Ms. Matlon is from New Jersey and attended the University of Dayton in Ohio, majoring in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in math and science and with a Language Arts endorsement as an undergrad student. She continued onto grad school and received a Master of Science degree with a major of “Teacher as Leader” with a focus in Literacy.  Finally, in 2020-21, she received a STEM certificate through St. Kate’s.

Ms. Matlon loves to run and play/watch sports, especially baseball, as she is a huge Mets fan (and a pseudo Twins fan). She also has a passion for music, both vocal and instrumental, as she played the clarinet and trumpet in high school and college and now sings as a cantor here at church.

Janice is so excited to be living in Minnesota where most of her relatives are and is so blessed to be able to continue her teaching vocation at St. Joe’s, helping students use the gifts that God has given them! She states, “It is so cool to be able to help students become independent thinkers while also sharing faith-filled moments day in and day out.”

St. Joe’s is fortunate to have the expertise and diverse knowledge base that Ms. Matlon brings to our school every day. Her passion for education, for precision, for her faith, and for kids in general help to make our school shine.

Position: Middle School Science, vocabulary, Project-Based Learning, and 7th grade Faith

Phone: 952-442-4500 x217

Email: jmatlon@stjosephwaconia.org

Staff Category: Teachers


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