Yvonne Litfin

Mrs. Yvonne Litfin had a lifetime goal of being a teacher. She appreciates the rewarding career of working in a Catholic School. She has been on the St. Joseph School teaching staff since 2006. Mrs. Litfin graduated in our own backyard; Crown College. She started teaching at St. Peter’s Catholic School in Delano. After two years at St. Pete’s, she had the opportunity to join St. Joseph School, as a second-grade teacher, and she is now our first-grade teacher. She finds it extremely rewarding to be working in a Catholic STEM school where we can talk about God’s love for us.

Mrs. Litfin is filled with a spirit of love that embodies her whole demeanor. Those who know her know she is as solid as a rock and gentle as a soft breeze. Her number one goal is to help her students learn to love reading, and she is really, really good at accomplishing that goal. She has high expectations for her students and she helps each of them develop and build strong Christian character. One can sense the joy coming from her classroom by observing her students. They love her and she loves them back. It’s a beautiful sight to see.

Mrs. Litfin completed her STEM Teaching Certification through St. Catherine’s University. She was recently certified as a Groves Learning Organization Certified Literacy Instructor. She uses that to help students cultivate their curiosity about our God and our world as they engage in exciting learning every day.

St. Joseph Catholic School is blessed to have Mrs. Litfin taking care of our young learners. She helps launch an incredible learning career for them.

Position: First Grade

Phone: 952-442-4500 x152

Email: ylitfin@stjosephwaconia.org

Staff Category: 1st Grade and Teachers


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