Holy Moment ~ Week 4

Tips to Create This Holy Moment: – If you notice a mess, patiently clean it up, even if it’s not yours! – Ask your family if there’s anything they need help with. – Invite your children to help you too…for extra Holy Moments!

Holy Moments ~ Week 3

Tips to Create This Holy Moment: – Before you go to church, text your friends and ask them how you can pray for them. – Keep a list of who you are praying for so you don’t forget! – Ask someone in-person what they need prayers for (some people are more comfortable sharing one-on-one than … Continue reading

Holy Moments ~ Week 2

Tips to Create This Holy Moment: – Encourage your student to do their school work and study ahead of time so they’re prepared to do their best work on assignments, quizzes, and tests. – Practice telling the truth in small ways so you’ll be strong enough to tell the truth in important situations. – Before … Continue reading

Holy Moments ~ Week 1

Tips to create this Holy Moment: – Send a thoughtful text, make a quick phone call, or set up a video chat! – Leave a sticky note on your child’s backpack, expressing what they mean to you. – Reach out to thank a teacher who helped you in the past.

What is a Holy Moment?

This school year, we’re doing something we’ve never done before. We’re on a mission to unleash the power of Holy Moments in St. Joseph’s community–and that includes you. Every single one of you has so much to offer. Whether you’re young or decades have passed since your days in the classroom… Whether you make friends … Continue reading

Saintly Service Awards

Last September our own Given Kalipinde received the St. Benedict Halo Award from CSCOE. We are so proud and honored to have Given as part of our community. Each month we have an opportunity to nominate someone new. Please take a moment to watch this video CSCOE put together about Given and what it means … Continue reading

Middle School Social at OLL

On Friday, October 13, Our Lady of the Lake in Mound is hosting a Middle School Social. This was a fantastic event last year.  6-8 graders are invited this year. We will need 1 parent chaperone per 15 kids.  If you are interested in chaperoning or have any questions please contact Katie Moore or Andrea … Continue reading

2nd Grade Field Trip to Sovereign Estate

On Wednesday, September 27, second graders will be heading to Sovereign Estate to learn about the wine-making process to help prepare for the sacraments they will receive this year. Please complete the permission form below by Friday, September 15. Field Trip Permission Form Date of Event/Field Trip: Wednesday, September 27, 2023 Type of Field Trip: Faith Enrichment … Continue reading

Duck Cup Presentation

RSVP for Dinner and Childcare Dear SJS Families: On Tuesday, September 19, 2023, St. Joseph Catholic School will be hosting a guest speaker, Kristen, whose presentation will focus on mental health and provide a message of hope. All 5-8 grade students will attend her presentation with the opportunity for a question and answer session at … Continue reading


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