Before School Open Gym!

Beginning this Friday, 12/15 we will be offering Activity Time in the gym before school for all students K-8.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7:00 AM -7:30 AM

Open gym policies AM Recreation

1. Virtues requires there must be always 2 parent volunteers. (1 Volunteer for every 15 kids if the number is more than 30). One volunteer will need to open the door for students as they are locked. No door propping. IF you would like to help with supervision, please contact Logan Haskins or Kristen Iverson.

2. Doors open at 7 AM. Students must check in. No late arrivals! No admittance after 7 AM. Attendance will be taken.

3. Once in the gym they must stay in the gym until 7:30 AM when they will be dismissed for Breakfast.

4. No students in Ball Room. Volunteers may get equipment for them. No scooters, hockey.

5. Equipment must be returned to where it came from.

6. No rough-housing, tackling, un-sportsman-like behavior.

7. Any violation or poor behavior must be reported to Mr. Sutherland and a 2-week suspension from participation of the student will be administered.


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