How can a stranger show so much love?

“Comfort, Give Comfort to My People” Isaiah 40:1

I looked up to the heavens as I stepped from my vehicle and asked myself why Linda was here.  I could hear the whir of the helicopter blades as I approached the hospital doors.  My heart raced and a sense of dread filtered through my veins as I entered the hospital.  The elevator arrived and proceeded to take me to the 4th floor; the intensive care unit.  I saw the gurney lying empty, the helicopter pilots still holding their helmets. They assured me that the flight was smooth and that their passenger was in good hands.  I looked for someone who could direct me towards the right place to gather my thoughts and prayers. 
A doctor in a white lab coat approached me and informed me that although the situation was dire, the specialists were attending to Linda and we would have some answers in short order.  He invited me to enter the procedure room and all of a sudden I was in the midst of more than half a dozen medical personnel functioning as one team to stabilize the patient.  A tower of medical gadgets were connected to hoses and cords going into and out of seemingly everything.  The doctors were adjusting the devices, the hoses and the vital signs of their patient. At the foot of the bed, another team of medical experts hovered over their computers as they monitored every action and every word while recording each and every motion.  I told Linda I was there and asked her if she could hear me.  She nodded her head as tears trickled from her eyes. 

I stepped back and continued to observe the actions in the room as I watched Linda while trying to measure how she was doing.  I asked the doctors if she was in pain.  They responded affirmatively and said that they were doing their best to stabilize her and to bring her some comfort.  Time ticked by slowly.  Before long, the bustle in the room began to slow and the doctors were able to explain what was going on.  Linda was experiencing some severe blood poisoning caused by a nasty infection. For the next several days, she was nursed back to health.  Comfort was elusive, but the team of medical professionals did their best to meet her needs.  Within a few days she would be going home to recover.  Thank God!

This scene happens in hospitals across the country every day.  If these strangers are able to share so much love with someone that they don’t personally know, how much more love and comfort will the Father’s loving care bring us when we rely on Him?

We can’t begin to imagine the joy of heaven.  I think if we did, we would prepare differently.  God, help us to know how to live a life that will lead us home to you.


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