Fair Share

What is Fair Share?

Why do we have Fair Share?

It is a GOOD THING! – Fair share keeps the tuition rate affordable for all families by giving families an opportunity to fundraise a piece of the expense of their child’s education. 

How can I earn my Fair share?

We have two major Fair Share Fundraising Campaigns. Both of these take place in the fall. All families should fulfill their Fair Share obligation by Thanksgiving. 

Here are the best ways to fulfill the Fair Share obligation: 

  • Value Book Fundraiser: Sell St. Joe’s Value Books (August-September). 100% of the money from the books you sell is credited to your family’s Fair Share. 
  • Rake-for-a-Reason Pledge Donations: Our annual service event Rake-for-a-Reason is held in early November. Donations gathered from your friends and family are directly credited to your family’s Fair Share. 
  • Directly Pay: You can pay your Fair Share balance by check or cash. Balances are due by Thanksgiving. 


What is it? 

The Fair Share balance is $600 per family. It is fundraised during the fall of the school year. Each family is responsible for their Fair Share. 

What if I don’t like fundraising? 

That is ok! You can just pay the full amount or ANY amount remaining by Thanksgiving.  

Can my donation to the Gala, Saints Giving Day, or the Golf Tournament be put towards my Fair Share? 

No. These traditional fundraising events do not count towards Fair Share.  They are budgeted separately by the school board. We encourage all families to participate in these events as they are able.  


Any questions? Contact Jenny Donato at jdonato@stjosephwaconia.org


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