Fair Share

What is Fair Share?

Why do we have Fair Share?

It is a GOOD THING! – Fair share keeps the tuition rate affordable for all families by giving families an opportunity to fundraise a piece of the expense of their child’s education.

How can I earn my Fair share?

Many opportunities will be available throughout the school year. Here are just a few:

  • Value Book Fundraiser
  • Kwik Trip Cards (earn 5% of Kwik purchased)
  • Rake-a-thon Pledge Donations

What is it?

The Fair Share balance is $600 per family. It is fundraised throughout the school year. Each family is responsible for their Fair Share.

Where do I check my Fair Share balance?

Your Fair Share balance is located in your TADS account (www.tads.com). Go into your account under Billing > Invoices. Find the last invoice of the school year for $600.

What if I don’t like fundraising?

That is ok! You can just pay the full amount or ANY amount remaining, anytime, throughout the school year. We do however encourage all families to be involved in the school activities with your kids and the Parent Association.

Can I earn Fairshare now?

Yes! Kwik Trip Cards (5% back towards Fairshare), and Value Books are available in the school office to sell anytime. The Rake-a-Thon (October) is another great fundraising activity to do together as a family.


Any questions? Contact the school office – schooloffice@stjosephwaconia.org


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