Grace Abounds

Grace Abounds 

The new school year has opened with great enthusiasm.  There is much joy in the building and this community has once again demonstrated an amazing welcome for one another.  I heard one of our teachers comment earlier this week how they could feel the grace of the Holy Spirit moving through the building.  How true! 

One of my favorite songs is the song, “Grace”, by Michael W. Smith. The song gives me ‘Holy Ghost Bumps’ every time I hear it.  The lyrics remind me so much of this faith-filled school community.  When each of us truly open up to everything that God wants to give us, right here and right now, His grace abounds and fills us with an amazing love.  Our day to day activities provide an amazing experience for all and we are so blessed to have this opportunity to live in His love each and every day. 

As parents, we want the best for our children.  As teachers, we want the best for our students.  believe that our school emulates that “bestness” because of the excellence in our teaching & learning and because of the love of our God that lives here and lives in our families and staff through God’s grace.   

Last spring, I invited our parish and school leadership councils and staff to make a list of promises that we as a school can make to our families and in turn a similar list of promises that our school families can make to our school.  Approximately 90 responses were collected.  I pray that we can all deliver on these promises and I am confident that with God’s grace shining on us, we will succeed beyond our wildest dreams. 

Here are the results in rank order of most frequent response. 

Promises from the School to Families 

  1. Assist families in the development of their spiritual lives (26 responses). 
  2. Continually provide high-quality C-STEM curriculum and instruction to our students (18 responses). 
  3. Provide a safe & secure environment for our students (17 responses). 
  4. Provide strong communication to our school/faith community (14 responses). 
  5. Maintain high academic and behavioral expectations for students (13 responses). 
  6. Provide a variety of extracurricular activities for students (4 responses). 
  7. Be financially responsible with the resources provided to the school (4 responses). 

Promises from Families to the School 

  1. Be the first teacher of your child (21 responses). 
  2. Be involved in the faith life of your children and our community (16 responses). 
  3. Provide the school with strong communication from home (15 responses). 
  4. Trust and support the teachers/staff (13 responses). 
  5. Volunteer and be a part of our community (11 responses). 
  6. Be responsible to the school in words, actions and financial obligations so that the school can thrive (10 responses). 
  7. Be positive stewards of extracurricular activities (2 responses). 


Together, each day, let us take a closer step to heaven! 



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