Lent 2024

Dear SJS Parents,

Lent is a special time for spiritual growth. The Church invites us to be introspective and to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s Paschal Mystery (Jesus’ Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension) with a season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. It can be a challenge for young people to practice implementing these pillars of Lent for 40 days, but we want to encourage you, along with your children, to practice these activities in a way that provides both an opportunity for sacrifice as well as generosity. We are all invited to practice being good stewards of our faith at all times, but Lent is truly a special season of prayerfulness.  The activities in this packet are designed to demonstrate gratitude for God’s gifts of grace and mercy and when you complete them with prayerfulness, we know that the spiritual fruits will be plentiful.  I ask that you work on these activities together as a family so that all of you might reap the benefits of a beautiful Lenten Season.


Deacon Bruce

Lenten Activity Calendar


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