St Joe’s has been a miracle for my son.  We changed from a public school to St. Joe’s at the end of 1st grade and the transition was difficult for him. He was behind academically and socially when he arrived.  The entire staff at St. Joe’s took Jackson under their wing, looked out for him, encouraged him, and helped him as he struggled.  Now, at the end of 3rd grade he is a confident, happy, academically successful student.  He remembers his struggle and feels amazed by his achievements.  He says he goes to the best school in the whole state of Minnesota! St. Joe’s parent

“I love the closeness of the families & you feel like you are a part of your child’s educational experience.” St. Joe’s staff member

“The overall formation that takes place here is priceless. It is the greatest gift I could give my child.” St. Joe’s parent

“As a St. Joe’s staff member, I feel cared for and valued as a important team member. I am able to make personal connections with other staff and with my students.” St. Joe’s staff member

“I love the positive and caring environment. Every child and staff in that building is so positive and kind, it amazes me each time I see someone who attends or works at St. Joes.” St. Joe’s parent

“St. Joseph School is a place where I can help develop the students not only academically but spiritually. The staff has a big part in helping a student become the person God intends them to be.” St. Joe’s staff member

“I value the the flexibility offered by a private school, along with the high standards and dedication set by students and staff. We love St. Joe’s and wouldn’t send our kids anywhere else!” St. Joe’s parent

“St. Joe’s has the best students – I love teaching such amazing kids!!!!” St. Joe’s teacher

“I value that they get to have Jesus incorporated into all of their studies.” St. Joe’s parent

“St. Joe’s has a great mix of a strong core education and Christian values.” St. Joe’s parent

“I love that St. Joe’s can offer more one on one attention and that faith is an added part of the curriculum.” St. Joe’s parent

“I have three words to describe St. Joe’s: kindness, caring and compassion” St. Joe’s parent

“I loved my faith based education!” St. Joe’s alumni


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